Somali govt completes probe into MP’s murder

Somalia’s security agencies have completed their murder investigations into the killing of a Somali MP in a drive-by shooting in Mogadishu on Saturday, officials told  Sunday.

According to a senior security officials, the investigations concluded that Somali military soldiers were behind the murder of Yusuf Dirir, a Somali legislator and wounding another legislator Abdalla Boss in the attack.

The officials who asked not be named because they were not authorized to talk to the media  that the shooting took place after the car in which MPs were travelling denied an overtaking chance for a car carrying military soldiers, prompting soldiers to take a wrong line and start shooting  the MPs.

Somali officials’ convoys often harass motorists using the streets across the city, with soldiers at times fire at cars while others torture drivers who fail to let them overtake other cars.

Its unclear if the `its were arrested, however, the country’s legislative body members are often targeted by Al-Shabab militants in attacks, largely drive-by shootings.

The official dismissed the Al-Qaeda linked group’s claims of being behind the attack as ‘false’.

The motive behind the attack remains unclear.

The development is a worrying news in the Somali capital where some residents consider some of the soldiers as ‘double-agents’ who may turn guns to their comrades.

Mistrust deepened after the government also integrated many ex-militants into its army, leading to criticism of inherent risks of sleeper cell attacks by militants recruited without vetting.

Somalia’s government is struggling to stop deadly attacks by Al-Shabab fighters by deploying troops across the capital, inspecting cars and frisk passengers, a move the city residents believe contributed to the recent decline of the subsequent militants attacks.