Dr Munye

Chula (Tula) island


Chula (Tula )Island.-This island is second in point of population: it is 57 miles from Kismayu, is 11 miles in breadth, 8t miles in length. The water is the sweetest on the islands. There are two villages on this island, the one Tula, the other a mile or so di... More »

Ngumi island


Ngumi lsland.-This island is close to Koyama, its greatest length being 41 miles and breadth 1 mile. It is uninhabited save by two or three fishermen. Water is obtained from Koyama. The island possesses considerable ruins of a walled-in village.  In  about 150... More »

Koyama island


Koyama Island.–This island is situated some 211 miles down the coast from Kismayu, its greatest length being 31 miles, its breadth 2 miles. There are two villages on the island, the village on the shore being known as Koyama or Gedeni, the village on the hilI ... More »