Community Policing Drive moves to Mogadishu’s Shangani District

Shangani district in the East of Mogadishu, though one of the oldest and most peaceful neighborhoods in the capital city, is redoubling its efforts in securing the district from crime.

The community policing initiative spearheaded by AMISOM Police Unit and the Somali Police Force was well received in Shangani on Tuesday, where residents and the district administration led by District Commissioner Sa’eed Abdulkadir, discussed how to enhance security.

The District Commissioner was optimistic that the security situation will get even better. “Security is getting better in Shangani now, we would ask national training for the women and youth since they are stakeholders in strengthening the security. We are appreciate the role AMISOM is playing to ensuring our neighborhood is safe. I ask all the people living in this district of Shangani to be involved in helping police to keep the district safe”, said Abdulkadir.

AMISOM Police team was led by Assistant Superitendent of Police Ahmed Jagaba who emphasized on good working relations between civilians and the police. He said, “The Shangani police have played a good role in securing this district. I urge all of you to work with them. Without your help, the police can’t do security on their own. If you meet/see any suspicious people or strangers in your district, please call the number 888 and report to the Somali Police Force,so that they can take care of your security”.

Saynab Yusuf Wehliye, the chairperson of the Shangani Women Organization expressed full support for the initiative. “The women in Shangani are prepared to take part the security of the district because it is for the benefit our own people. We have been in security for a long time. Now with the help our AMISOM brothers assisting our police force we will win together. As a women’s leader in Shangani district I can confirm to you that women and youth are ready to assist the Somali Police Force. We appreciate the assistance coming from AMISOM aimed at improving our security situation”, she added.

Also present at the meeting was the AMISOM Gender Officer Mane Ahmed who praised the district administration for including women and the youth in decision making. “ Women and youth play an important role in enhancing the security in the district . I commend the DC and his admiration in strengthening inclusivity of women participating in security affairs”, she said.