Three key components of the 1956 electoral law to think back:

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(a) Foreign community representation (b) the single seat assigned to Mogadiscio and (c) the tribal Assemblies (shir) The first general election law in Somalia was enacted on 31 March 1955 (Ordinannza no. 6 Marso, 1955). In the face of the difficulties involved... More »

Somalia: The 1956 political elections

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First Election in the country that gave Somali people a wide measure of self-government and autonomy. A profile of those called to administer the domestic affairs of the country by Mohamed I. Trunji Wednesday, July 08, 2020 In 1956, four years ahead of the end... More »

Today in History: March 26, 1969


This is the date the fourth and last parliamentary elections were held in Somalia before the country fell in the grip of a military regime. The first parliamentary elections were held in 1956, the second in 1959 and the third in 1964. Whereas twenty-one politi... More »