Notable Bajunis personality from Somalia

– Sharif Yusuf Somobwana  (former V/Minister of Marine Resources and Fishery Somali Government)

– Mohamed Sheykh Ali Obo (former MP Somali Government)

– Suldan Dili Mahadi Dili

– Bakari Omar Abdi (former director Swahili Programme Radio Muqdisho-Min of Information)

-Mze Abdirahman Mohamed Yerey

-Mze Sheykh Ali Obo

-Mze Mohamed Ogadeni

-Al haji Ahmed Bwanaadi “Haji Nairobi”(Political leader – Somali Youth FIKIRINI Party)

-Mze Yusuf Somobwana (Community Leader)

-Sheykh Mwenye bin Yusuf (Community and Religious leader)

-Moallim Abdullahi bin Osman (community and Religious leader)

-Sheykh Qasim Badi (Religious leader)

-Sheykf Hisham Mohamed (Religious leader)

-Hassan Mohamed Rashid (Community and Cooperatives activist)

-Hussein Fundi Shee (Musician Waberi -Min. of Information)

-Mohamed Said Bakari (Musician Waberi)

-Hassan Shahibu (Musician Waberi)

-Salim Omar Shalo (Sportman former goalkeeper Somali National Team)

-Dr.Ali Omar Abdi – surgeon (Director of General Hospital Ministery of Health)

-Prof.Yusuf Munye-pharmacologist (Lecturer of Traditional Medicine and Pharmacology S.N.U.School of Medicine)


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