Koyama island

Koyama Island.–This island is situated some 211 miles down the coast from Kismayu, its greatest length being 31 miles, its breadth 2 miles. There are two villages on the island, the village on the shore being known as Koyama or Gedeni, the village on the hilI a mile or so away, Koyamani.

The inhabitants of this island belong to Nowfally bajuni subclan., majority of them are religious leaders (Sheikh). They regard themselves as a distinct tribe, and seem the most feeble and dispirited of the islanders. The island possesses about four mosques in varying states of repair; a venerable ruin gives the date A.H.1224=A.D.1808. Pillar Tombs of a more intricate design than those of other islands are to be seen on the foreshore.

China plates are cemented into the mosque walls around the Kibla. A cloth slightly different from that of Benadir is stilI made. The prominent personality of the island are : Nakhoda (captain) Jibril actual elder of the island , Sheikh Hisham , Moallim Abdullahi , Sharif Yusuf (Ex Deputy Minister TNG of Somalia) and Dr. Yusuf Munye.


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